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Path of mushrooms:

The Serchio Valley and the Garfagnana are the realm of the infamous Porcini mushroom. We come to the enchanting valleys dominated by chestnut and beech trees, to visit this nice in close contact with nature, we will be surrounded by the scents of the forest and travel along ancient mule tracks or secret paths to be able to find this precious product of the undergrowth.

Description of the places and services:

Before you begin our excursion staff will provide you with a lesson on the research of woodland products, we will learn to recognize the good from the mushrooms toadstools, locate trails and paths in the forest, know more and more plants close to what may be the best mushroom growing, and we are ready to make a collection in complete harmony with the surrounding environment.
At this point, our guides will go in the path of charcoal (typical areas where coal was produced and very prolifere for the birth of mushrooms), cimenteremo us in this adventure to be able to bring home this precious product of the forest (not only collect the porcini mushrooms but also other species little known but still very good as cockerels, the ditole and ova).
At the time of booking is preferable to specify your personal data in ways that are already included permission for the collection of woodland products issued by the municipalities concerned.
The best time for this hike is from May to November, even though the birth of mushrooms is always a mystery to the fungaioli (more experienced prospectors), in fact the appearance of fungi is regulated by several factors natural snow fall in winter, the rain, sun and even the moon ... so for us is the rule to rely on the local popular sayings, such as: "May and June was born on mushroom" and "September rain and moon are fungi luck "... wishing us good luck for a plentiful harvest!

Well, then, if you love nature,
if you have a good deal of time and
a lot of patience ...
This is an excursion that you can not miss!!

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