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Experience in team-building

With the complicity of the nature of hiking trails, beautiful valleys, mule, small huts, chestnut forests and small clearings, with natural shelters, we organize this marvelous sport TEAM BUILDING (group) that allows you to get to know our fellow workers and our best friends putting us in continuing challenge with nature and learn our limits and pulling out at the faculty suppressed by exploiting the holy law of the to.
This experience allows us to develop their potential emotionally involving people and bringing out the hidden abilities.

Description of the places and services:

Our tour begins with a small mountain village in the town of Bagni di Lucca at about 522 meters above sea level, San Cassiano Controne.
From the village of San Cassiano we walk on foot, or for those who prefer mountain biking on an old mule track to arrive after 2 hours at location "Serini" placed at 1008 meters above sea level
There attrezzeremo our camp for the evening, we'll manage with what nature has to offer, you'll learn how to light a fire as did the friends of the prehistoric times with simple tools found in the woods.
We will prepare our dinner and spend the evening in the most unspoiled nature, listen to its sounds and we will be delighted by its smell.
Up early in the morning we will prepare our backpacks and we'll be ready to go to the conquest of the mountain of Prato Fiorito (a beautiful mountain characterized by the absence of trees located at 1,300 meters above sea level).
Continue to the village of Montefegatesi, a hamlet with about 80 people in the small inn and will feature a tasting of local products: meats, cheeses, wine and brandy.
We rely on the way to reach the place called "Ravine Botri" in the late evening, here we assemble our camp for the night.
The next morning we explore the famous "Ravine" (a canyon characterized by rocky environments and extensive beech forests, dominated by the peaks of Mount Rondinaio and the Three Powers that reach 2,000 meters in height and in the midst of which flows the Rio Pelago).
The course is for a period of about an hour but the staff, to give a bit of pepper excursion, will organize the "challenge of the throat" compose some couples for whom the journey time will be timed Orrido and up for grabs The winning couple will be dinner "with feeling" while everyone else will have to make do with what nature has to offer!
The night will be organized excursion orientation night, without the aid of artificial lights should learn to extricate and listening to the sounds that nature has to offer.
In the morning we resumed our journey to reach the village of Tereglio (518 meters above sea level) where we have lunch in a typical restaurant in the mountains, in the afternoon we will defy the ancient game of shooting the cheese (the prize for the winners will be the return car country of arrival of Ghivizzano)
The duration of the excursion can also be increased by one day, adding an overnight stay in the village of Ghivizzano and then a visit to a cave (the Buca delle Fate) or choose the path of another river.

Excursion customizable:

At the request of the participants, the activity can be 2 days, 3/4/5/6/7 and acquire the right to stay and to rely on others, to win and to lose, to learn to share and to respect nature and to take advantage of what it has to offer.
You do not need to possess special skills, the difficulties are averages, for the challenges you need a little 'oomph, clothing depending on the season, hiking shoes, waterproof because mountain weather is unpredictable, backpack, sleeping bag, tent light, the food is provided at the start, you can bring in your pocket only 10 , of course, are abolished phones (so we do not work).
All kinds of first aid are following.

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