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Routes in caves

For lovers of the caves where we offers several caves where you can get immersed in karst.
There are about 1,700 caves to visit in our area, from the most simple and already equipped as the Cave of the Winds to those where the environment is unaffected by the visits of man and therefore the light we carry us on our helmet to those finally be addressed with the necessary equipment for the more experienced cavers.
Description of the places and services:
Our area offers many caves that can be tackled easily without the need for special equipment, our staff will Munira only a crash helmet with light, overalls and gloves.
The trails are in the woods, we will be transported by bus staff to the path, we will travel a short road trail walk enjoying the view that nature has to offer, guaderemo of small streams and we get anxious at the entrances of caves move us in this great adventure.
The hike in the cave is a very special and fascinating, we will live for a few moments silence and complete darkness and then go to illuminate our only light positioned on the helmet the natural limestone formations, discover and abide by the concretions that located inside the mountain and certainly we will be delighted with a thousand glistens it offers us.
The duration of the trips varies from a minimum of about an hour at the maximum the day, this depends on your interest in this particular experience, hiking simplest staff will provide you with the light helmet, gloves and overalls, the more complex the equipment must be booked in advance.


If you are curious about the caves and you want to approach for the first time in peace and security in this wonderful experience,
come and join us for our journey in the cave ...
will not regret it!!

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