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Trekking in the mountains and in river

In mountain activities could not miss the trekking!
What we propose for this task is the discovery of the beautiful Alps and the Tuscan Emilian.

Description of the places and services:

Driving along ancient paths through woods of chestnut, beech, and pine, we will visit some mountains, such as the mountain of Prato Fiorito, which is completely without trees and with a beautiful lawn a satellite around her, according to the season, changes appearance giving us a unique insight.
Our journey will be enhanced with thousands of colorful flowers that will make the walk even more attractive, we will get to dominate the ridge to admire the valley of the river Lima.
In other locations we could spend in the ancient marble quarries abandoned to get to the picturesque view overlooking the sea. There are trails for all: also suitable for those who love the little green mountain lakes, we find paths that intrigue on the mountains rising from a peak to the other lead us to conquer our goals.
Also, for those who are fans of the canyon offered by karst, there are hiking trails that develop in the beds of small rivers where we can find dry white and round and smooth stones that allow us to move between the walls of vegetation curious, admiring What created the force of nature.
Excursions can be either daily or several days up to a maximum of one week, there is the possibility of staying in quaint mountain huts.
Guides staff are hiking guides or guides who will accompany you on your trip by taking into account all your needs: you can plan with them before the excursion, the routes to be served, you can decide what you most want to see and evaluate their with you in your preparation so as to give you a personalized and safe trip, to enjoy the beauties of mountain trekking.
For excursions you need to have comfortable shoes suitable for walking in the mountains, a sweater and a raincoat (we are in the mountains and a mischievous little cloud can move so there unprepared!).

For those who love hiking in peace
the Alps and the Apennines are your goals!!

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