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Climbing - Rock

To find us from the Garfagnana you just need to climb the cliffs extraordinary Apuan Alps.
These beautiful mountains offer us climbing routes for all levels, you can define real natural gyms suitable for everyone.

Description of the places and services:

This is a unique opportunity for those who want to approach for the first time in this discipline is for those who are already passionate about climbing, wants to compete to improve their experience. You can spend two or three hours to climb intrigandosi ledges of the mountain to spend an entire day at the height of which reach heights where you can see the sea.
A beautiful landscape, the fresh mountain air, the sun lights up the cliffs and all of us full of adrenaline here is the indescribable feeling in our hearts when we conquer our peaks.
To address this adventure enough to have minimal equipment (harness, rock shoes, comfortable trousers). For those approaching for the first time just even sneakers or hiking boots (of course everything about the clothing mountain depends on the period).
Also give you the opportunity to rent the equipment communicating in advance, so ...

if you love ... the view from the heights and climbing is what's right for you!!!

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